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Here's what audiences are saying about Education Alliance Speakers:

"The speakers were a great encouragement!"

"The speakers were OUTSTANDING! I thoroughly enjoyed their candor, practicality, and humor in relating their experiences to ours. Job well done!"

"Excellent! Please provide more sessions and programs like this!"

"Outstanding presentation. Speakers helped put the importance and purpose of my position in perspective. Great!"

"Excellent perspectives on leadership; profound statements that I will reflect on constantly during my tenure as a principal."

"Best leadership training I have ever attended! Great motivation! This made a difference in my life!"

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We envision America as a nation that is strengthened and blessed through the influence and voice of K-12 educators who call themselves Christians. 

The purpose of the Center for Leadership Education Alliance is to engage, encourage, and equip teachers and administrators in their Christian faith and professional responsibilities so that our schools will be restored.

The plan is to provide tools, resources, inspiration, and networking opportunities for educators who want to maximize their Christian influence and enhance their professional skills.

The goal is to help members in the Center for Leadership Education Alliance to become the best and most responsible educators and influencers in America.

Our primary objectives are:

  • To encourage and pray for America's teachers
  • To promote integrity, excellence, and service through the education profession
  • To facilitate wholesome and positive character development through example and practice
  • To promote patriotism and a love for God and country
  • To support educators as they balance their personal life with their professional responsibilities
  • To encourage educators who are Christians to maximize their influence
  • To promote servant leadership in the educational profession
  • To encourage educators to be change-agents in the lives of children, parents and their communities.


Various conferences and retreats are offered throughout the year that will inspire, equip, and connect members. These conferences are intentionally designed to be relevant and fresh from a professional standpoint while being taught and led from a Judeo-Christian perspective. Watch for upcoming events near you.

Membership Fees
We are grateful for the work that you do and want to express our gratitude by providing these services at no costs to you, the educator.

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