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 What is the Center for Leadership?
The Center for Leadership is an organization of the University of Mobile. The Center for Leadership exists to help citizens of faith maximize their influence by providing informative communications, credible resources, and proactive solutions to revitalize Christian faith and character in America.  back to top

 What does the Center for Leadership offer?
The Center for Leadership offers citizens of faith:
- Informative communications and proactive solutions through our blogs, emails, and social media
- Credible resources to inform and motivate individuals toward practical patriotism
- A Speakers' Bureau of experts on modern-day issues to educate citizens of faith across the nation
- Professional Networking in a variety of fields to expand the influence of Biblical principles in their field together
- Coordination of and encouragement for community transformation projects locally and throughout the nation
- Leadership development through student mentorship and professional networking efforts
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 What motivates the Center for Leadership?
The Center for Leadership is motivated through the vision of the Twelve23 Movement, which seeks to openly and intentionally "change the character and condition" of America by strengthening Christian faith and character in all areas of public and private life.   back to top

 What is the meaning of "Twelve23?"
The name of the Twelve23 Movement is derived from two significant events that call Americans to defend the character of the nation:
  • On December 23, 1944 (12/23), during World War II, an entire American armored division was retreating from the German army in the Ardennes forest when a sergeant in a U.S. tank destroyer spotted an American soldier digging a foxhole. The soldier, a private named Martin of the 325th Glider Infantry Regiment, looked up and asked, "Are you men looking for a safe place?" "Yes," answered the sergeant. "Well buddy," private Martin drawled, "just pull your vehicle behind me. I'm the 82nd Airborne, and this is as far as the (enemy) is going." The Twelve23 Movement finds inspiration from this private and the date serves as a rally cry for individuals in our nation to draw the line, get entrenched, refuse to retreat, and lead our nation toward its God-given potential.
  • In John 12:23, Jesus said, "The time has come for the Son of Man to be glorified." Christians across our land have been too silent about the transforming message of Jesus Christ. The time has come for us to glorify God by putting Him first in everything that we do as individuals and as a nation.
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 What is the problem the Center for Leadership seeks to address?
The Center for Leadership is primarily concerned with America's crisis of character, evidenced by a self-centered attitude regarding our need for God, a declining church and a culture at war with Biblical principles that exist for its well-being. The crisis of character manifests through various economic, social, and political crises that America is currently facing.   back to top

 How can citizens of faith help our nation out of its crisis?
Citizens of faith have the responsibility to transform the character of the nation by Seeking God, Serving Others, Defending the Truth, Fulfilling Personal Responsibility, and Leading with Conviction.  back to top

 Who is invited to join the Center for Leadership?
Citizens of faith across the nation who are committed to discovering and fulfilling their personal responsibility in the ongoing work of God to transform the hearts of America, and consequently, the nation as a whole.  back to top

 I'm looking for a speaker for my event. Can the Center for Leadership help?
Yes! Visit our Speakers Bureau page for more information.  back to top

 How can I get involved?

In the main menu, click "Connect" then "Get Involved."  back to top

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